How to make a beautiful braided anklet to decorate your ankles

How to make a beautiful braided anklet to decorate your ankles

Make a statement with your summer accessories by learning how to make a braided ankle bracelet. These easy-to-make ankle bracelets are perfect for any occasion, from a day at the beach to a more laid-back get-together.

Materials you will need

  • Rope
  • Decorative beads

1. Cut a short piece of rope in half, about one metre long, and loop it through one of your fingers. Place it in the middle of the rope.

2. Tie the two ends together in a single knot when they reach the ankle.

3. Cut each line in half again and tie each end together again, but this time on its own.



4. Take each of the four strands apart and add some colourful beads to the two in the middle. Then, tie both of the middle strands together in a single knot.



5. Split them up into pairs again, and tie each pair to both sides of the ankle.

6. It’s all set! They only need to tie one rope around their waist and another around their backs.

7. You can use just one or make another one for the other foot the same way. Either way, they will look great on both.




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